“Learn how to transform your balance sheet into an asset instead of a liability.”

Balance Sheet Restructuring & Debt Settlement

Apollo Business Advisors is a trusted leader in managing complex financial reorganization programs that allow our clients to meet their cash flow obligations, attract or keep key investment partners, and manage debt.

While balance sheet restructuring is often viewed as a tool best utilized by companies seeking to avoid bankruptcy, organizations of every size and type are positioned to benefit from a collaboration with Apollo that leads to a periodic rationalization of their assets and liabilities, and a strategic review that more closely aligns balance sheets strengths and weaknesses with the priorities of shareholders, management, and other stakeholders in the company’s success.

In times of change and disruption, Apollo’s advisory teams are well-positioned to advise clients about more assertive forms of balance sheet restructuring, including the identification and sale of non-core fixed assets or conducting negotiations with creditors to facilitate debt consolidation, extended timelines for repayment or other activities which may result in liability adjustments. Throughout, our advisors maintain a laser-like focus on crafting solutions that allow the client company to maintain operations and emerge from reorganization with its competitive DNA and future market valuation potential intact.