“The most successful transactions achieved through a combination of incisive planning, negotiation, and timing. “

M&A / Buy a Business / Sell a Business

From the smallest sole proprietorship to the largest public company, organizations of every size can be viable candidates for acquisition, sale or merger. At Apollo, we strongly encourage clients considering most types of organizational and transactional ventures to first conduct a strategic review that better prepares owners, management teams and key investors for the full lifecycle of the process ahead, and achieves the following high-level objectives:

Enhances situational awareness.

Refines stakeholders’ understanding and perspective on relevant valuation and positioning issues.

Fosters open debate and landscaping about due diligence and negotiation priorities (concessions, terms, etc) that may otherwise complicate straightforward financial transactions.

Establishes an optimized road map for pursuing an acquisition/merger/sale based on the unique market, intellectual property (IP), regulatory, or other factors which may influence the timing and lead to the best possible outcome for our clients.

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