“Enhance your relationship with individual and institutional investors.”

Investor Relations

From the moment of intellectual property (IP) conception to the largest of multinational mergers, instances of value creation of any size are often the greatest opportunities for management teams to build or enhance relationships with key investors. We also believe that investor relations programs involving disciplined corporate communications and predictable patterns of engaging with interested parties early, often and transparently lead to the best kinds of long-term success.

At Apollo, we know that Investor Relations (IR) is an area where we can often generate immediate and tangible returns for our clients because many of our principals have firsthand experiences owning companies in both controlling and minority investor capacities. They know that partners who communicate and engage effectively during good times produce value added for themselves and their investment peers down the line in the form of heightened collaboration and shared perspective on key administrative and strategic priorities including – significantly – matters relating to corporate governance. Consequently, management teams and investor/shareholder groups that are truly cohesive are much less likely to fall victim to internal disputes or to reveal areas of exposures to outside parties, introducing a layer of added resiliency to the underlying assets involved during times of crisis or uncertainty.

From the smallest angel investment initiatives to the largest Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) transactions, we’re pleased to offer comprehensive Investor Relations (IR) services for both investors and companies looking to attract or enhance their prowess in engaging investor audiences. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more.