“Engage purposefully at every stage of the institutional investment spectrum.”

IPO’s / Private Equity / Financing

Apollo Business Advisors offers tiered solutions designed to introduce leaders in midsize and large companies to institutional and market-oriented financing sources that are of the rightsized for every stage of their business development needs. Unlike our more limited work matching highly-qualified, early-stage startup and pre-formation candidates with angel investors, our work with established enterprises generally falls into one of four areas of interest:

Venture Capital (VC) – Generally higher-risk partners seeking to engage recent startups with a long-term investment perspective in mind.

Private Equity (PE) /Hedge Funds – Although inherently overlapping with some VC firms in terms of concentrated strategies, risk and desired investment duration (short v. long), most private equity groups and hedge funds are attracted to funding candidates involving more mature balance sheets and, consequently, more established operations.

Investment Banking – This supergrade division of the banking sector focuses on making large amounts of capital available for debt and equity transactions on a scale that funds governments and large companies, but is also crucial to facilitating M&A and successful reorganizations in smaller amounts, and on shorter timelines.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) – Most often associated with a young and successful company’s first foray into publicly traded markets, IPOs are innately complicated transformations that open the door to large-scale capital infusions (and the potential for partial or full liquidity for at least some early-stage investors), but generate ongoing requirements for public reporting. Companies that are unprepared for increased scrutiny of their management practices and competitiveness in the marketplace – two advisory areas in which Apollo excels – can experience a marked post-IPO slump in their now-publicly traded stock, resulting in an unintended decrease in the company’s market capitalization.