“Earning influence and visibility produces exponentially greater returns than mere advertising.”

Public Relations

Companies of every type interface with a diverse cross-section of ‘public’ audiences and management teams increasingly need public relations (PR)  assets and capabilities in their wheelhouse to optimize those engagements for both risks and return.

In addition to our specialized communications services for Crisis & Reputation Management and Investor Relations, Apollo’s flagship communications practice for Public Relations (PR) is designed to advance the kinds of end-to-end strategic communications support that growing companies need every day, including:

Advocacy on behalf of our clients with local, state, and federal government actors and agencies that have oversight, regulatory or possible synergistic relationships with the companies we serve;

Coordination related to media relations and collaborative journalism, which spans activities from preparing executives for key interviews of press events to actively nurturing stories in trade and mainstream publications that enhance public awareness about important information;

Design and implementation of community engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other sorts of initiatives which may strengthen the brand, demonstrate thought leadership in corporate citizenship and generate indirect returns exponentially greater than could be achieved through the same level of effort devoted to mere advertising.