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Reputation & Crisis Management

Whether you’re a Public Relations (PR) client of Apollo or not (though you should be!), our rapidly-expanding Reputation & Crisis Management practice takes an ‘all-hazards’ approach to working with the companies we serve. We also know that in many cases our clients find themselves engaging reputation or crisis management advisory services at no fault of their own – cyber attacks and hacking, natural disasters and product recalls caused by suppliers outside our clients’ control are just reasons why. That said, our strategy for handling these situations is often similar, regardless of the root cause.

Beginning with the initial point of contact, Apollo will work to assign the right subject matter experts both within our PR and Crisis Communication practices as well as any other areas of functional expertise that may be required, to develop holistic, 360-degree situational awareness about what happened, and why. This seemingly simple first step often eludes companies, and understandably so – they don’t do this every day, but we do.

Once we’ve developed a true, three-dimensional understanding of the problem, the actors and organizations involved, and a path to stability, we’ll work aggressively with internal and external audiences to push back and regain control of the story.